ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Ji Woong Denies Cursing During Video Call Fan Signing Event SuperNayr

ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Ji Woong has denied the allegation that he cursed during a video call fan signing event.

On February 2, an anonymous individual posted a video of what appeared to be a screen recording of a fan call with Kim Ji Woong. At the very end of the call, right after Kim Ji Woong says goodbye to the fan, someone can be heard cursing in Korean.

The individual wrote on X (formerly Twitter), “Do you usually say [expletive] as a goodbye when ending a phone call with a fan? I don’t know, so I’m curious about the opinion of ZEROSE [ZEROBASEONE’s fandom].”

Shortly afterwards, the individual posted a second video of what appeared to be the beginning of the call, writing, “As soon as the [call] started, he sighed and acted like he looks down on fans. Why should the fan pay tons of money and then have to walk on eggshells during the conversation..? I didn’t say anything weird or ask him to do a strange challenge, and it wasn’t my fault. It was 100 percent Kim Ji Woong’s fault, and there was no cause [for him to act like this]. I think I was probably just unlucky.. I’m upset.”

The following day, WAKEONE Entertainment responded by stating, “After checking with [Kim Ji Woong] himself, [the claim] is not true. We also checked with the employee and translator that were present at the scene.”

The agency went on to declare, “For the sake of objective accuracy, WAKEONE will very clearly and definitively ascertain the truth by using various methods including digital media forensics, and we will protect our artist.”

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