Yes, Lauren ‘let me make something very clear’ Boebert was just compared to a prostitute SuperNayr

Let me make something very clear: Lauren Boebert is not as popular as she thinks she is. Not even within her own party. Because this is apparently open season for Republicans attempting to pick each other off — like some GOP version of The Hunger Games (the MAGA Games?) — Bobo has been dealt a low blow by one of her own team.

First Marjorie Taylor Greene foams at the mouth daily as she tries to oust Mike Johnson, now a fellow Republican is doing their best to besmirch the Colorado congresswoman’s reputation. Although, to be fair, that doesn’t take much, considering everything Boebert has done in the public eye of late. Bobo’s new arch-rival is Richard Holtorf, who just happens to be running against her in the Republican primary for Colorado’s fourth district.

Holtorf, the State House Minority Whip, decided to roast Boebert’s dress sense and appearance while speaking to 710KNUS radio (via Toronto Sun) on Thursday, May 2, decreeing that Lauren “needs to learn how to dress.”

He went on to make an extremely thinly veiled comparison between Boebert and sex workers he alleges to have seen hanging around the state capitol building.

“You know what I see about two blocks up from the state capitol? I see women dressed like Boebert. High heels, short skirt, low-cut blouse. And I won’t tell you what they’re doing but it’s nothing you can talk to your grandmother about.”

This appears to be Holtorf’s desperate attempt to gain some traction in the six-person race to replace retiring Rep. Ken Buck in the fourth district, which he is currently flagging in. Boebert recently switched to this district in an attempt to avoid growing liberal support in her old stomping grounds. However, the decision may well backfire, as her quarterly donation figures have immediately taken a significant hit, suggesting her new constituents may hold a similar low view of her to Holtorf.

But if all this is getting Bobo down she sure ain’t showing it. Then again, this is a woman who groped and vaped her way through a Beetlejuice performance, hit back at President Biden with a cringey joke after he perfectly roasted her at a White House dinner, and was heckled out of George Washington University by protesters just last week. The word “shame” doesn’t seem to exist in her dictionary.

Over in her own hate-filled echo chamber, Boebert was last heard taking to X (formerly Twitter) to declare her unsurprisingly hard stance against the U.S. accepting any Palestinian refugees. “Let me make something very clear,” the bespectacled bezoar began. “We shouldn’t be taking any refugees in from Gaza. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not next month or next year. The answer is NO!” Nice touch with the random capitalization there, Lauren. Boss Trump would be proud.

Trust Bobo to grind any flickering of empathy we might’ve felt for her amid Holtorf’s sexist and offensive criticism into the dirt with one of her xenophobic rants. Would we love it if she vanished from civilized society, never to be seen again? The answer is YES!

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