Why Zack Snyder Is Glad Rebel Moon Is A Netflix Movie and Not Disney?

Zack Snyder is glad that Rebel Moon is a stand-alone Netflix movie and not Star Wars. It’s no secret that the director’s forthcoming sci-fi film, which recounts a rebellion against an oppressive evil empire, was originally conceived by Snyder as a Star Wars movie that he pitched to Lucasfilm during post-production on Man of Steel. The R-rated pitch was eventually rejected by Lucasfilm after the sale to Disney, so Snyder reworked his idea into Rebel Moon, which will release in two parts on Netflix starting this December.

During a recent interview with Empire Magazine, Snyder explained why he’s actually glad Rebel Moon isn’t a Star Wars movie, which he considers “a blessing in a lot of ways.” With Netflix, Snyder was allowed much more creative freedom to make the sci-fi film than if his idea remained a Star Wars title like he originally envisioned. Read Snyder’s full explanation below:

I think it was a blessing in a lot of ways. Creatively, it’s wide open. We’re all a little shaped by Star Wars at this point. You can’t not be. But what happens is, in the telling, it gets weirder. It’s different, because I have a different point of view. You could say on a broad stroke, you might think, “Oh, it’s kind of Star Wars-y but when you’re in it, it’s not.” We had pitch meetings in our film classes.

Why It’s Good Rebel Moon Isn’t A Star Wars Movie

Snyder’s comments illustrate how glad he is Rebel Moon didn’t end up as a Star Wars movie, which is ultimately for the best. Over time, Rebel Moon has evolved into much more than Synder’s original vision, as it appears just as reminiscent of Denis Villeneuve’s Dune as Star Wars. Snyder pitched his original idea to Lucasfilm as a Kurosawa-inspired Star Wars story, and he now describes Rebel Moon as “Seven Samurai in space.” This type of aesthetic and R-rated action is exactly what makes Rebel Moon an intriguing project, which simply wouldn’t have been possible as a Star Wars movie.

Snyder directing a Star Wars movie would have also been incredibly divisive. The director’s work tends to garner those types of mixed reactions, especially during his stint in the DC Extended Universe. Star Wars is arguably an even bigger IP, so Snyder directing a film set in a galaxy far, far away would have likely resulted in even bigger controversy and backlash. By creating his own sci-fi sandbox with Rebel Moon, Snyder didn’t have to defer to the restraints of an established one or Disney’s demands for what the film could be.

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