‘Whoa, that’s wild!’: Glen Powell’s horrifying dating story starts with a ‘bad vibe’ and ends with a flesh-eating lotion SuperNayr

The dating scene is ruthless these days, truth be told it’s a scary world out there and you don’t really know what someone might be hiding from you, but this particular story, told by none other than Glen Powell, might be enough to put you off people for life.

Speaking on the Therapuss Podcast, the Hit Man star offered to share a ‘crazy’ story that supposedly happened to his sister’s friend and I promise you, you can’t guess how it ends. It started out normal enough, the date was apparently ‘super charming,’ but when the friend went to the man’s apartment things started to get a little weird. He offered her a massage and initially she agreed, despite a strong gut feeling that something wasn’t right.

As the massage progressed, the feeling grew stronger until she couldn’t ignore it anymore. So, despite the man’s many protests, she decided to leave. That’s not the crazy part though, the crazy part is what she discovered the next morning.

The parts where he had applied the lotion started itching badly, forcing the woman to reach out to a doctor, only to discover that the lotion was a “black market” product that “breaks down skin for human consumption.” What?!

So, if the story is true, then the guy was an actual real-life cannibal and this poor woman came within an inch of being murdered and eaten! He was literally rubbing skin-eating lotion into her skin and… why is there even such a thing as skin-eating lotion?

So yeah, that’s definitely going to be a few months of therapy for her — she somehow ended up on a date with the real-life Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. Most dating horror stories I know usually end with the date revealing that they’ve already got a girlfriend and they’re just looking for a side piece. But that’s tame compared to literally hiding bodies in a freezer — bodies that were allegedly discovered at the guy’s house after the police arrived.

If true, this is one crazy story, the kind that makes you question whether dating is even worth the risk anymore. The responses to the clip posted on X (formerly Twitter) expressed their shock at the twist ending.

Some likened the guy to Jeffrey Dahmer.

Others made jabs at movie star Armie Hammer who faced sexual abuse accusations last year and allegations of harboring cannibalistic fantasies.

Others were a little more skeptical.

It does seem almost too crazy to be true, but on the other hand, it’s a weird thing for Powell to be lying about. Either way, listening to his story really made my skin crawl — what a horrifying situation to find yourself in. At least the woman made it out alive and it just goes to show that if you’re ever in a situation where your gut is telling you to run, then you most certainly should RUN!

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