Who was sent home during the second Rose Ceremony of ‘The Bachelor’ season 28? SuperNayr

With two episodes under his belt, Joey Graziadei is finally getting the hang of being the lead of season 28 of The Bachelor, forming strong connections with some of the women – notably Daisy Kent, Rachel Nance, and Jess Edwards – as well as letting go of those who he failed to feel a spark with.

Episode 2 of The Bachelor season 28 was jam-packed, featuring a whopping three dates: a helicopter ride to a music festival, a wedding with multiple brides, and a hard-hitting boot camp hosted by The Bachelor alums Jubilee Sharpe and Demi Burnett. In addition to this, there was a great deal of drama during its two-hour runtime, with Maria Georgas and Sydney Gordon beginning what might just be the big-time drama this season, as well as Lauren Hollinger smashing a cake on the ground and leaving the show. Yikes!

With all of the antics aside, after Lauren decided to self-eliminate during the cocktail party, three other women were eliminated during the second Rose Ceremony and were forced to leave the Bachelor Mansion once and for all.

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Erika Cardenas, a 25-year-old leasing agent from North Bergen, New Jersey

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Lauren Hollinger, a 28-year-old registered nurse from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Marlena Haddad, a 26-year-old finance writer from West Palm Beach, Florida

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Taylor Wiens, a 23-year-old recruiter from Chicago, Illinois

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While these four women are already greatly missed, who will steal the heart of the handsome Joey Graziadei at the end of season 28 of The Bachelor? To find out for yourself, catch new episodes of beloved competition series every Monday on ABC, or stream them the following day via Hulu.

According to Reality Steve, the remainder of the season is sure to be nothing short of spectacular…

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