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It doesn’t take much to get MCU fans excited, and Marvel’s used that to brilliant effect throughout the Deadpool & Wolverine marketing. Just like when the mere shadow of Hugh Jackman broke the internet after the film’s first teaser trailer, the latest promo for Deadpool 3 has similarly created an online implosion all thanks to a pair of legs.

To ironically mark Best Friends Day, Ryan Reynolds shared on a new 60-second teaser for DP3 on June 8. Although mostly made up of footage we’ve already seen — Wade and Logan trading barbs in Joe’s Diner, Wade hanging with his friends and family ETC — there were a couple of fresh shots. And one in particular has really got the people talking.

At around 0:30, the trailer features two shots that mirror each other, one featuring a character we’ve already been introduced to in the movie’s marketing and the other debuting a brand-new addition to the mythos. The first is the adorable Dogpool, a canine variant of our Merc with the Mouth. All we see of the other is a pair of female legs clad in a match for DP’s suit, which leads us to believe this is our first glimpse at another DP variant — Lady Deadpool.

But who’s Lady Deadpool legs are we looking at here?

Do we know who’s playing Lady Deadpool in Deadpool 3?

As of the release of the Best Friends Day trailer, we sadly don’t know for sure who’s playing Lady Deadpool in Deadpool & Wolverine. The role has been long rumored to feature in the threequel, but kudos to Marvel’s spoiler snipers because a concrete answer on who’s been cast in the role hasn’t made it to the web.

That said, the Marvel fandom as a whole has narrowed it down to two main contenders, thanks to two major stars who are almost 100% believed to be in this movie at this point. First of all, you can’t have missed all the hullabaloo over Taylor Swift potentially showing up in DP3. Most theories point to her portraying mutant pop star Dazzler, but maybe we’ve been doing our best Dogpool impression and have been barking up the wrong tree this whole time?

Some have employed their detective skills and think they’ve got the mystery solved…

Arguably the more likely option, though, is that Lady Deadpool will be played by Blake Lively. Casting his own wife to play a variant of himself is definitely the kind of idea that would emerge from the warped mind of Ryan Reynolds and it would be hilarious to see the IRL couple spar on screen as two Deadpools — and it would make up for the last time they starred in the same superhero movie, Green Lantern.

Nepo casting is alive and well in the MCU — see Chris Hemsworth getting his wife and kids in Thor: Love and Thunder — so the odds are high that Lively will likely show up in Deadpool & Wolverine. But even if the role of Lady Deadpool is hers, don’t despair, Swifties, as a Dazzler cameo’s still on the cards too.

Deadpool & Wolverine is coming to blow minds and touch hearts (and possibly vice versa) on July 26.

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