Who Is Local News Sensation ‘Dollarita Steve’? SuperNayr

Fall is a really great time to sip some tequila and indulge in expert recommendations from bartenders, but one man decided that he wanted to try out some not-so-fancy tequila over the weekend. So, he headed to an Applebee’s in San Francisco, where a slight earthquake struck (3.7 magnitude), and the local news hit him up for an interview.

Steve Mazzari will henceforth be known to the world as “Dollarita Steve” or even “Slammin’ Dollaritas Steve.” This newfound reputation is the result of a highly entertaining interview with local Fox affiliate KTVU, which you can watch above. He’s heard discussing how he was “slammin’ Dollaritas,” which must barely contain any alcohol, so that’s quite a visual that he’s presenting. Mazzari signed off with a peace sign while declaring, “The Dollarita is back!” And then he went home, fell asleep, and his phone blew up, presumably after people fell in love with his mustache. It happens!

Mazzari, who is a 28-year-old software engineer by day, is enjoying overnight viral fame. He told SFGate that he was jazzed to be singled out for an interview by KTVU. “My brain just lit up like a Christmas tree,” Mazzari admitted. “I was like, ‘Hell yeah, let’s do an interview.’” The most amusing thing, perhaps, is that Mazzari doesn’t usually frequent Applebee’s, but he and his friends had seen the Dollarita commercials during sports binges, and they decided to be “entirely ironic.” So, RIP his Twitter mentions, but his social life is going great:

The attention has affected Mazzari’s dating life in a “very positive” way, he said, adding, “Let’s just say, this week I’m a very busy man.”

He’s received countless DMs, although he admits that some were too lewd for his liking. “This girl I went on a date with like two and a half years ago messaged me and said, ‘My friend wants to go on a date with you. She thinks you’re her soulmate,’” he said.

Good for Dollarita Steve? And hey, he’s got a built-in first-date idea at the ready. Steve also told SFGate that he’s dressing up as Dollarita Steve for Halloween. Excellent timing all around.

(Via KTVU & SFGate)

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