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The Rookie is a fresh kind of police procedural that adds humor to its intense scenes and makes sure we’re fully invested in each relationship. We’re hopeful that every major cast member is going to appear next season because otherwise, that would be a huge bummer.

The Rookie joined ABC’s broadcast schedule in 2018 and has been impressing us ever since. While waiting for season 7 of The Rookie, which won’t premiere until 2025, we want to know if any actors are leaving now that The Rookie season 6 finale has aired.

Which cast members are leaving The Rookie after season 6?

Nathan Fillion as John Nolan in The Rookie
Screenshot via ABC

Awesome news for The Rookie fans: It looks like the season 6 cast is staying in place for season 7. There have been no announcements about any actors quitting, and there were no major character deaths in The Rookie season 6 finale.

According to Hello! Magazine, it’s unlikely that Jenna Dewan will appear at the beginning of season 7 as she is at the end of her pregnancy with her third baby. Once she’s back, we’re sure that we’ll see many great Bailey Nune/Nolan storylines.

Since the major characters aren’t going anywhere, The Rookie season 7 will likely focus on the fan-favorite relationships that have been created over the past few years. That includes Tim Bradford (Eric Winter) and Lucy Chen (Melissa O’Neil). While they split up in season 6, Winter told Parade.com that his character will talk to a therapist and hopefully the couple will reunite.

Winter said, “I think in doing that we might see Tim and Lucy work their way back together over time. I don’t know how quick it will be, but over time. It’s going to be interesting to see how it plays out.”

Screenshot via ABC

While season 7 of The Rookie is going to be about the characters fans have gotten attached to, showrunner Alexi Hawley told The Wrap that viewers will be surprised by next season. He said, “We’re looking forward to going back to a bit more standalone storytelling.” He continued, “So I do like the idea that we can go back to a more ‘What are we doing this week?’ vibe” and added, “every week, you watch the show, you don’t necessarily know what you’re gonna get.”

Although of course we’ll see our favorite couples dealing with conflict and the general ups and downs of life, it sounds like we’ll see them dealing with some memorable situations at work. Can season 7 start soon?

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