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Another day, another marriage on Bravo falling victim to The Real Housewives curse. Over the course of the sprawling franchise’s decades-long mainstay on television, audiences have seen countless marriage breakdowns.

Most of these have occurred soon after the vow renewal episodes that have become a staple storyline for Housewives (the capital H is warranted). The most recent marriage breakup comes courtesy of The Real Housewives of Potomac, which recently documented the separation of castmate Mia Thorton from her longtime husband, Gordon.

The couple made the decision to divorce in the just-aired season eight finale, but eagle-eyed viewers have known this was coming, not least because Mia Thornton has been spotted with a new man in the weeks leading up to the final episode. 

We’re sure to get all the juicy details around Mia’s new boo in the upcoming Potomac reunion, but in the meantime, here’s everything we know about Incognito (there’s an irony in trying to uncover details about someone named Incognito, but I digress). 

Who is Incognito in The Real Housewives of Potomac?

Incognito is the new boyfriend of The Real Housewives of Potomac star Mia Thornton. Incognito co-hosts the syndicated radio series, Posted on the Corner, alongside DJ Misses. Mia and Incognito first met in high school, and would regularly meet at Mia’s after-school job. The pair pursued their relationship and eventually moved to Charlotte, around about the time that Mia began stripping. 

It was during her stripping days that Mia met Gordon, who she would eventually marry in 2012. The pair share two children, and Incognito has said that while he remained friends with Mia, he was “always respectful of her marriage” and didn’t reunite with her until after her separation from Gordon. Since debuting their relationship on Instagram in January, 2024, Mia and Incognito have been spotted together regularly, including at a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live!

During that show, Mia confirmed that she and Incognito are engaged, but that they haven’t set a wedding date just yet. In other interviews, Mia has revealed that Gordon and Incognito get along great, and have even attended triple dates together, though that is a far cry from the messy separation we saw documented on season eight of Potomac. 

That season began with Mia and Gordon’s relationship already on rocky ground, amid Gordon’s legal issues and messy dynamic with his family members. After the gradual breakdown of their marriage, the confirmation of separation arrived in the finale, where Mia revealed she had “lost herself” and Gordon alleged that she had cheated. 

It appears Mia won’t be alone on the show for long, however, since Incognito has teased an appearance on the upcoming ninth season. Time will tell whether the pair are destined for The Real Housewives marriage curse.

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