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The second season of Love on the Spectrum US has been making waves since its release on Jan. 19, 2024, as it followed “a diverse group of people on the autism spectrum” as they “navigate the world of romance and relationships” and the trials and tribulations that come with it.

After the first season won a few Emmy Awards, some familiar faces made their return to look for love the second time — such as Dani Bowman, James Jones, and Steve Spitz — however, some new single romantics joined the cast. Of these additional arrivals, individuals like Connor Tomlinson quickly became fan favorites.

Stealing the hearts of viewers from coast to coast with his kindness, compassion, and sense of humor — as well as his love for swords, ancient history, and fantasy film and television — 24-year-old Connor found himself unlucky in love at the end of Love on the Spectrum US season 2, but it is safe to say that America fell in love with both him and his family nonetheless.

With his mother, sister, and brother serving as his support system throughout the show, fans of the Love on the Spectrum franchise were left wanting more, eager to learn about Connor’s loved ones beyond the television screen.

Connor’s mother — Lise Menard Smith

As Connor mentioned on numerous occasions throughout Love on the Spectrum US season 2, his mother — a woman named Lise Menard Smith — sells granite countertops for a living when she is not taking care of her three children (of course).

According to her Instagram profile, Lise is seemingly always by the side of her kids, from going fishing to celebrating the holidays to attending a football game and beyond. Someone needs to hand her the “Mother of the Year” trophy!

Connor’s sister — Anna Tomlinson

Anna, Connor’s younger sister, is about 23 years old. According to her Instagram profile — which has amassed nearly 3,000 followers — Anna graduated from Georgia College & State University in May of 2023, and according to her LinkedIn profile, she is currently working as a Marketing Coordinator at Pure Taqueria Franchising USA.

As far as her hobbies and interests go, it appears that Anna enjoys fashion, music, and iced coffee, as well as spending time with her friends, family, and boyfriend — a golf professional named Jake Lane — in her free time.

Connor’s brother — Jack Tomlinson

Connor’s younger brother, Jack Tomlinson, is 19 years old and graduated from West Forsyth High School in May of 2023, where he served as a member of the football team. He began higher education in August 2023 at the University of North Georgia, where he is majoring in Business Administration and Management, admitting that he has “solid experience in retail, helping customers, and navigating the hustle of sales” on his LinkedIn profile.

When it comes to his hobbies and interests, Jack spends his free time hanging out with his friends, family, and girlfriend — a fellow student at the University of North Georgia named Emma Suranie — much like his older sister.

Connor has another brother named Ben Tomlinson as well, however, he failed to appear in Love on the Spectrum US season 2. Ben has no posts on his Instagram profile either, so it looks like his life is quite the mystery!

Nonetheless, to watch Connor Tomlinson look for love on the second season of Love on the Spectrum US — and to see his family in action — fans of the franchise can stream every single episode now via Netflix.

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