Who is Erika Cardenas from ‘The Bachelor’ season 28? SuperNayr

With the most hopefuls in Bachelor franchise history fighting for Joey Graziadei‘s heart, it’s gotta be harder than ever trying to stand out from the crowd.

Fortunately, contestants like Erika Cardenas had little to no trouble making a great first impression, as she secured a spot alongside Daisy Kent, Kelsey Anderson, Lexi Young and more Joey hopefuls on season 28 premiere night.

Arriving in a stunning satin dress, Erika brought a boombox that played some fiery Flamenco music and danced her way out of the limo and into the Bachelor Mansion. This was a fun and flirty way to show the Bachelor himself who she is outside the reality competition series, and given that she received a rose at the first Rose Ceremony of the season, it appears that at least a few sparks flew with Joey.

We know that Erika is of Dominican and Cuban descent, not to mention a fabulous dancer, but naturally viewers still have a few burning questions in their attempt to get to know this lucky lady vying for Joey’s heart.

How old is Erika, where is she from, and what does she do for work?

According to her Bachelor bio, Erika is “the full package and is ready to meet her dream man.” She left her career as a leasing agent and a part-time model with State Management to find love with Joey, so we know she’s serious about this. When the New Jersey native isn’t working, she loves to cozy up with her dog Cleo, try new restaurants, and travel the world. In her free time, the 25-year-old also loves to read and dreams of writing her own bestseller one day.

According to ABC, “the biggest thing Erika is missing in her life right now is her future husband,” and she’s admitted that finding “the one” is her number one priority of late. Given that she’s seeking a man who has the same thirst for action and adventure that she does, we can’t help but hope that she’s the perfect match (no pun intended) for tennis professional Joey!

Erika is already making a great first impression, but will she manage to steal Joey’s heart? To find out for yourself, catch new episodes of beloved competition series on Mondays on ABC, or stream it the next day on Hulu.

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