When Will ‘Ferrari’ Be On Streaming? SuperNayr

Driving was invented on November 19th, 1983 when Adam Driver was born. Sure, cars existed long before then, and his parents were also Drivers, but that’s beside the point. It only makes sense that a natural-born Driver stars in a movie about the humble beginnings of Ferrari. So Driver was cast as Enzo Ferrari, the role he was born to play (because he’s Italian).

Ferrari is the sports biopic directed by Michael Mann, which stars Driver as a Driver (Enzo Ferarri) alongside Penélope Cruz, Shailene Woodley, Sarah Gadon, Gabriel Leone, Jack O’Connell, and 2023’s Sexiest Man Alive, Patrick Dempsey. Here is the official synopsis:

Enzo Ferrari is at one of the lowest moments in his life. The former F1 racer is on the verge of bankruptcy and his marriage is increasingly tumultuous. After the death of their son, Laura, and Enzo struggle to reconnect. In an attempt to change his fortunes, Ferrari puts all of his hope in one place. The famous Mille Miglia, a one-thousand-mile race across the whole of Italy. If he can win this Championship, maybe everything else can find a way to work itself out.

The film was originally supposed to drop on streaming, but after a few bidding wars, Ferrari hit theaters on December 25th. While there is no current streaming date for Ferarri, Neon films have previously ended up online about three months after the initial theatrical release. We can expect Ferarri to hit streaming as early as March 2024.

When it finally comes to streaming, be sure you’re not watching Ferrari (2003) when looking for Ferrari (2023). They are very different movies, and only one of them is currently on YouTube in its entirety.

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