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One day after his historic loss in court to become the first former president to be convicted of a crime, Donald Trump gave a lengthy speech from Trump Tower in New York. It was a rambling diatribe about how the trial was rigged, etc — you know the song by now. President Joe Biden responded to what he called an “unhinged” speech and went at Trump with both pistols blazing.

The ex-POTUS’ speech from Trump Tower was reminiscent of one he gave nine years ago to announce his campaign, but the circumstances were very different this time. He is a convicted felon now, and boy was he angry. He called the judge “crooked,” the trial “rigged,” and said he had to save the Constitution for some reason.

He also claimed that the case against him was orchestrated by Biden, even though local Manhattan prosecutors do not work for either the White House or the Justice Department. After Trump finished his aimless rant, the Biden campaign released a “Response To Trump’s Unhinged Speech.” It was a no-holds-barred barrage of punches at the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

The response called Trump a “confused, desperate” man rambling about “personal grievances” and lying about the country’s justice system. It said anyone who watched the speech came to an “obvious conclusion: This man cannot be president of the United States.”

The response continued hitting where it would hurt Trump the most, recalling that he was “unhinged by his 2020” loss and “spiraling from his criminal convictions.” He “is consumed by his own thirst for revenge and retribution.” Trump thinks the whole election is about him, the statement said.

“But it’s not. It’s about the American people: lowering their costs, protecting their freedoms, defending their democracy.”

“Donald Trump,” the response said, “is sowing chaos, attacking the rule of law, and fighting for the only thing in the world he gives a damn about: Donald Trump.” Man, they are really going after him.

As for Trump’s criminal convictions, he’ll be sentenced by the “crooked” judge on July 11. Calling the judge names, by the way, is Trump’s unique method of how one should play the victim while raking in the cash from your supporters.

It’s definitely working, too. The Trump campaign raised a record $34.8 million from small donors after he was found guilty. There were so many donations that WinRed, the site that collects money, crashed from the weight of everyone trying to shower Trump in cash. One thing’s for sure though, it’s only going to get more contentious between Biden and Trump from here on out.

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