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In the pool of recent web novels to anime adaptations, Shangri-La Frontier stands as a rare gem. After the successful run of its first season full to the brim with entertainment, fans are now awaiting news on the second season.

In the realm of fantasy, the allure lies in the creative freedom that allows anything to be true in these narratives. You could see people entering video games, a human being turned into slime, people doing god-like magic, and a lot more (brownie points for you if you could guess each anime). It’s a world where the creator has to know no bounds, resulting in fascinating tales that each captivate audiences for their uniqueness.

The Shangri-La Frontier anime and manga deliver a similar and unique blend of action and fantasy, revolving around Rakuro Hizutome’s journey in a full-dive VR game called Shangri-La Frontier as Sunraku. The story first originated as a web novel series written by Katarina in 2017, and eventually made its way to the manga world in 2020, before finally being followed by an anime adaptation.

The C2C animation studio first announced its plans for an anime television series adaptation of the web novel in July 2022 and took its sweet time crafting it into a masterpiece. With Toshiyuki Kubooka and Hiroki Ikeshita on the directing chairs, using an intriguing script from Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, and alluring character designs from Ayumi Kurashima, the anime adaptation became a beautiful reality after a year.

The anime debuted on Crunchyroll screens worldwide except in Southeast Asia on Oct. 1, 2023, and finished its scheduled run on March 31, 2024. After hooking audiences into the story with the 25-episode first season, the season 2 release date has become a hot topic among fans. So, do we have the news yet?

Shangri-La Frontier season 2 release date

After the finale streamed on Crunchyroll on March 31, 2024, Shangri-La Frontier anime’s official website confirmed the renewal of the show for a second season without wasting any moment. The first season ran for two consecutive cours and was a huge success with viewers. It garnered praise for its stunning visuals, refreshing narrative, and intelligent action, leaving fans itching for more.

To fuel the excitement right when it was on a high, the C2C announced an official release window for Shangri-La Frontier season 2—Oct. 2024. So, it is confirmed that the anime will return with a second season and run for another two cours, or 25 more episodes. So, Shangri-La Frontier will be part of the Fall 2024 anime lineup and is expected to run through Winter 2025.

Crunchyroll is confirmed to sustain its rights to stream the upcoming season worldwide except in Southeast Asia, where Muse Communication has reserved the rights.

Shangri-La Frontier season 2 teaser

Along with the announcement of the official release window, an official teaser and key visuals from the upcoming season were also released. Given the already soaring popularity of the series, this marketing move of the production worked its charm and intrigued audiences to Shangri-La Frontier season 2.

You can take a look at the 20-second teaser below:

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