What happened to the Portland man who blamed White Claw and Democrats for ramming a police vehicle? SuperNayr

A scary scene unfolded in Portland, Oregon, when a man rammed his car into a police vehicle, injuring two officers, and the reason he said he did so made the incident an even more bizarre true crime case.

According to Portland news outlet KATU.com, the wreck happened around midnight on Jan. 23, 2024, when 48-year-old Brent W. Russell reportedly drove his Acura MDX into a Portland Police Bureau SUV, blocking traffic so a tow truck could hook up another stalled vehicle.

At the scene, Russell from Happy Valley, Oregon, just outside Portland, told officers he had just eaten a burger, but denied he was drinking before he was then transported to the hospital. According to a PPB news release, the two officers, who suffered minor injuries, were also treated at a local hospital and then released.

Democrats made him do it?

via KPTV Fox 12 Oregon/YouTube

After Brent Russell arrived at the hospital, a blood test revealed his blood alcohol content was three times the legal limit, Portland police allege. According to Russell’s arrest documents, he finally admitted he had one White Claw beforehand, but added that he may have shared two or three with a friend. He also said he regretted injuring the two Portland cops, because his sister is an officer.

When the police tried to talk to Russell at the hospital, though, he started blaming the “democratic state,” and sadly, he asked the officers to shoot him. Russell may have been referring to America’s small “d” democratic form of government, but he likely meant Oregon’s “blue state” politics instead.

After the wreck, KATU says Russell was arraigned on charges of assault, DUII, reckless driving, and reckless endangerment and was released on his own recognizance. He was expected back in court on Feb. 15, 2024.

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