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Millions of viewers across America start their day by tuning in to Good Morning America and getting their daily weather report from ABC News Chief Meteorologist, Ginger Zee. In the past few months, Zee has been off the air more often than not and viewers are understandably concerned.

After graduating from Valparaiso University with a degree in meteorology, Zee built her career working on various news programs until she joined Good Morning America Weekend in 2011. She’s since become a staple of the show and a regular part of many Americans’ morning routines. 

Like all of the GMA hosts, Zee has to step out of the studio from time to time. A short absence is rarely anything of note but Zee will sometimes miss multiple days in a row. This has become more of a regular occurrence since last year and her absences have caused viewers to speculate on Zee’s health. Thankfully the reason she keeps missing the show seems to be more positive than a mysterious illness. 

Did Ginger Zee leave Good Morning America

Despite her recent absences, Zee is still a member of the GMA family. She recently addressed viewers’ concerns over her “disappearance” in a post on Instagram. She’s been absent because she’s busy working on a mysterious project for ABC in preparation for Earth Month. In her caption, Zee writes, “Tons of stories happening for earth month [sic] so we are out on assignment a lot! Can’t wait to share all of these stories with you.” And, as a busy month for weather, she says April is “our superbowl time”

Those two roles mean Zee has a lot more on her plate than just GMA. That said, recent history did give us cause to worry. In December 2023, Zee missed a few broadcasts and shared via Instagram that she’d been “incredibly sick” during the holiday season. Just last month, Zee stepped out of the office for a full week as stomach flu made the rounds through her household.

In a weird way, I find Zee’s transparency around taking care of herself and her family refreshing. Millions of working parents have to balance their careers while caring for their kids and taking time for themselves; it’s tiring just thinking about it, let alone living it. It’s reassuring to see someone with a high-profile career like Zee making it work. I’m just glad to hear she’s out of the office for a positive reason and not for a health scare!

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