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The Acolyte has finally set up shop on Disney Plus, and things are very much looking up for this brand new glimpse into Star Wars‘ High Republic era, safely overcoming its weaknesses with strengths that fly especially high.

One such strength is its commitment to the pulpy sci-fi roots of George Lucas’ brainchild, with a surplus of aliens, lightsaber battles, and sharply engaging action sequences anchoring the whirlwind story of Osha, Mae, and those who have become involved in their two-way plight.

One such character that has yet to get into the action, however, is Tasi Lowa, the Padawan of Jedi Knight Yord Fandar, and who boasts a particularly unique appearance even amongst the other non-human characters. This is because she belongs to the Zygerrian race, whose history isn’t exactly one you want to have, to put it lightly.

What are Zygerrians in The Acolyte?

Tasi and Yord in 'The Acolyte'
Image via Disney Plus

Simply put, Zygerrians are a cat-like race of humanoid aliens who are known for their wealthy Old Republic and Clone War-era empires that served as a hub for slave trading. The Jedi Knights took it upon themselves to liberate slaves from the Zygerrian empire, and subsequently strip the empire of its power, causing many Zygerrians to develop an intense grudge against Jedi. Some Zygerrians, such as Farzala Tarabal and the aforementioned Tasi, would nevertheless find themselves joining the Jedi order and climbing their ranks.

It’s hard to tell at this point how involved Tasi will get in the events of The Acolyte, so we’ll just have to find out by tuning in every Tuesday evening, when new episodes of the show will be releasing on Disney Plus until the season finale on July 16.

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