Watch: Park Hyung Sik And Park Shin Hye Reunite During The Lowest Points In Their Lives In “Doctor Slump” Teaser SuperNayr

JTBC’s upcoming drama “Doctor Slump” has dropped a new highlight teaser!

“Doctor Slump” is a romantic comedy about two former rivals who reunite and unexpectedly become each other’s light during the darkest period of their lives. Park Hyung Sik will star as Yeo Jung Woo, a star plastic surgeon whose thriving career suddenly falls into danger due to a strange medical accident, while Park Shin Hye will play Nam Ha Neul, an anesthesiologist suffering from burnout syndrome.

The highlight video begins with an intense first meeting between Yeo Jung Woo and the transfer student Nam Na Heul, who both ranked No. 1 with perfect scores on a nationwide exam. The two declare rivalry, saying, “There are no two suns under the sky, and there are no two No. 1s in the whole school.”

14 years later, Yeo Jung Woo and Nam Ha Neul face the worst moments in their lives. The handsome and competent plastic surgeon Yeo Jung Woo experiences his downfall due to a suspicious medical accident. The sight of lethargic Nam Ha Neul, who works as an anesthesiologist at a university hospital, suggests that she is worn out both physically and mentally to the point where she thinks, “It would be better to die.”

Just then, the two childhood rivals Yeo Jung Woo and Nam Ha Neul unexpectedly reunite on the rooftop of Nam Ha Neul’s family’s house. The two, who become neighbors, start to give strength to one another as they clink their glasses, laugh, and cry together.

Watch the full teaser below!

“Doctor Slump” will premiere on January 27 at 10:30 p.m. KST. While waiting, watch another teaser here!

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