Watch: Geum Sae Rok And Noh Sang Hyun Are Past Lovers Who Reunite In New Teaser For “Soundtrack #2” SuperNayr

“Soundtrack #2” has released the first trailer starring Geum Sae Rok and Noh Sang Hyun!

A follow-up to “Soundtrack #1” starring Han So Hee and Park Hyung Sik, “Soundtrack #2” is a new romance drama that tells the story of an ex-couple that meets again by chance.

While “Soundtrack #1” explores the story of friends turning into lovers, “Soundtrack #2” takes a fresh approach by depicting the journey of a man and woman who had passionately dated for six years, parted ways, and are now reuniting after four years. Geum Sae Rok stars as Hyun Seo, a piano tutor who prioritizes the reality of the present over love. Noh Sang Hyun takes on the role of Soo Ho, Hyun Seo’s ex-boyfriend who has achieved success as a CEO following their separation. Adding to the intrigue is rookie actor Sohn Jeong Hyuck, who appears between the two as the singer-songwriter Kay.

The newly released teaser offers a glimpse into the evolving narrative of Hyun Seo and Soo Ho as the phrase “Can we start again after breaking up?” piques curiosity. The teaser showcases moments of affection between the characters and also captures their awkward and tense reunification, leaving viewers eager to discover the trajectory of their relationship.

“Soundtrack #2” is set to captivate audiences this winter, delivering a romance and storyline that promises to strike a chord through its realistic portrayal of love.

Check out the teaser below!

“Soundtrack #2” is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ in December. Stay tuned!

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