Watch: Epik High Drops Teaser For Extremely Unique Official Light Stick SuperNayr

Epik High has unveiled the eye-catching design for their first official light stick!

On October 29, Epik High released a teaser for their upcoming light stick, which is cheekily shaped like a hand pointing its middle finger upward.

Tablo previously revealed that during Epik High’s time under YG Entertainment, the agency had offered to make them a light stick, and the group had “asked for one that looks like a middle finger.” He hilariously continued, “And that, my friends, is why we don’t have one.”

Check out Epik High’s new teaser for their official light stick, which will be named the “Park Kyu Bong,” below!

@epikhighishere Park Kyu Bong (Epik High Official Lightstick) pre-order 2023. 10. 30. 1pm KST / 12am ET 🔗 #EpikHigh #에픽하이 #에픽하이콘서트 ♬ original sound – Epik High

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