Watch: Ahn Bo Hyun, Park Ji Hyun, And “Running Man” Cast Search For The Spy In Their Midst In Fun Preview SuperNayr

The stars of SBS’s “Flex x Cop” are coming to “Running Man”!

On February 11, the popular variety show aired an action-packed sneak peek of next week’s episode, which will feature “Flex x Cop” leads Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun as guests.

In keeping with the theme of the guests’ drama, the episode’s premise is that detectives and thieves have gathered to search for a missing legendary gold bar. The preview starts with Ji Suk Jin interrogating various “suspects” about the whereabouts of the gold bar, but most of the thieves deny having stolen it.

Everyone then embarks on a search for the “true” gold bar, gathering various contenders and placing them on the “pedestal of truth” to find out whether they’ve found the real deal or one of many fakes.

Soon, it comes to light that there is a spy in their midst, and the “Running Man” members attempt to figure out their identity using various clues. Kim Jong Kook accuses Ahn Bo Hyun of being a spy, but he fervently denies it. Meanwhile, Park Ji Hyun lets out a cry of terror when HaHa sneaks up on her from behind and rips off her name tag.

The preview ends with Ji Suk Jin grabbing his head in frustration and yelling, “Who on earth is it?!”

Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun’s episode of “Running Man” will air on February 18 at 6:15 p.m. KST. Check out the new preview below!

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