Walmart’s Google-powered streaming box and smart speaker combo is live SuperNayr

Walmart has listed its new “Pro” Google TV streaming box / smart speaker combo a week after the product leaked into the real world and intermittently appeared on the store site.

The new Onn 4K Pro, which retails for $49.88, comes with new features, including a built-in Google Assistant smart speaker, Dolby Vision plus Atmos, HDR, and a remote with a big blue “Free TV” button to subtly point you to Google’s FAST channels as well as a customizable star button that can launch an app or change TV inputs.

You get a barrel plug power supply instead of direct AC or USB-C, but at least you get an included HDMI cable.
Image: Walmart

It’s not “Magic” — it’s the Customizable button.
Image: Walmart

The square black set-top box isn’t one you’d hide away in your entertainment center — it houses a mic and works just like a Nest Mini with Google Assistant. You can ask the Onn 4K Pro to play a YouTube video or turn on lights in your smart home and more, all hands-free. It looks like a Nest Mini, too, with its embedded mesh fabric cover and a line of four LEDs.

Although the Onn 4K Pro isn’t made by Google, it certainly feels like a successor to the $49.99 Chromecast with Google TV, which launched way back in 2020. In comparison, the Onn 4K Pro has more flexible connectivity with Wi-Fi 6 plus ethernet, whereas Chromecast only has Wi-Fi 5. Onn also has more RAM (3GB vs 2GB), has more internal storage (32GB vs. 8GB), and lets you call out “Hey Google” without needing to hold the remote — all for the same price.

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