Wait, Now Jax Taylor Says He’s ‘Working Things Out’ With Brittany Cartwright?? What About Her New Man?! SuperNayr

Jax Taylor is all over the place!

Right after putting his estranged wife Brittany Cartwright on blast for hooking up with another man following their split in February, The Valley star has returned to X (Twitter) to clarify where things stand! After posting a photo of Brittany and their son Cruz sleeping in bed together, a fan wondered if this meant the co-parents were “back together.” The former model revealed:

“we are working things out.. what you saw was filmed months ago…”

Wow! Uh, really?!

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See (below):

And here’s the photo that sparked the question:

Wait, Now Jax Taylor Says He’s ‘Working Things Out’ With Brittany Cartwright?? What About Her New Man?!
(c) Jax Taylor/Twitter

We knew making amends was the intention behind the split, but everything else we’ve heard from Jax lately suggested that they were nowhere near reconciling! As mentioned, just hours earlier, the bar owner wrote in a since-deleted tweet:

“you may want to ask brittany who she’s been sleeping with for the past 4 months…”

He totally called her out!! Especially since this shady post came shortly after he confirmed on the couple’s joint podcast, When Reality Hits, that they have permission to date during this break. And yet he’s seemingly mad that she’s hooking up with someone else? Make it make sense!

During that same podcast, the VPR alum also said he wasn’t ready to start seeing other people — and denied Paige Woolen romance rumors — but insinuated that Britt had moved on, noting:

“That is not to say Brittany isn’t doing what she’s doing. I know it’s not out there what she is doing, but she’s doing her own thing, too.”

It all felt a little like Jax was just trying to get haters off his back. And now what? Do y’all think they’re really making progress… or does Jax just want us to think that? So far, the internet is pretty divided on this! Tons of fans were thrilled to hear the positive update, commenting:

“Pulling for you Jax. You’ve got a great family. Your boy is an absolute gem”

“We’re on your side. Good luck! Also, Bro, go to therapy. You need a couples therapist and one for yourself”

“Britney is the best woman you will ever have. I hope you figure out what YOU need to do to be a better husband”

Though not everyone was convinced, one person teased:

“Anything for a season two, huh Jason.”

Oof. After everything we saw play out on screen and from what we’ve heard from Brittany, it would seem rather fast for them to be suddenly okay again! But you never know… What’s your hot take on this?! Share it (below)!

[Image via Bravo/WWHL/YouTube]

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