Vikrant Massey Accused Of Verbally Abusing A Cab Driver In Viral Video, Netizens Claim It’s A ‘Staged Act’ For Publicity – WATCH SuperNayr

12th Fail actor Vikrant Massey recently got embroiled in a contentious dispute with a cab driver over fare charges. The altercation was captured on video by the driver and shared on social media. 

It has ignited speculation regarding the authenticity of the video, prompting debates over whether it’s a genuine incident or a staged promotional tactic.

Vikrant Massey Gets Into Argument With A Cab Driver In Viral Video

In the video footage, Vikrant can be seen contesting the cab fare, alleging that it exceeds the initial amount displayed on the app. However, the driver contends that the fare increased on the app itself, shifting blame away from him. 

He accuses Vikrant of verbal abuse, identifying himself as Ashish, the cab driver, and claims, “I have dropped my passenger at his location but he is not giving me money and he is abusing me verbally.”

Attempting to shield himself from the camera, Vikrant questions the driver’s motives, asking if he’s attempting to intimidate him. He asserts his position, questioning the app’s validity of the increased fare. The driver counters, stating, “How is it my fault? You earn so much money. Why are you arguing?” Vikrant retorts, “Doesn’t matter whose money it is. It’s hard-earned money.”

Netizens Claim It’s A Publicity Stunt For Vikrant’s Upcoming Project

While the video initially appears genuine, doubts have surfaced among fans, speculating that it might be a calculated publicity stunt rather than an authentic encounter. Observations about the seemingly staged background behind Vikrant have contributed to these doubts. Fans have expressed opinions ranging from praising the script to questioning the legitimacy of the altercation, with some suggesting it’s a promotional tactic for Vikrant’s upcoming project.

Publicity stunts in showbiz have often gained mixed reactions from audiences. In 2023, actress Kajol faced criticism for a similar strategy when she staged a social media hiatus, claiming to be enduring personal trials, only to reveal it as a promotional ploy for her show, The Trial. More recently, Poonam Pandey faced backlash for planning her own demise for attention for cervical cancer awareness.

For the unversed, Vikrant Massey is all set to appear in The Sabarmati Report alongside Raashii Khanna and Ridhi Dogra. He plays a journalist uncovering the truth behind the Godhra train burning tragedy that occurred in 2002.

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