Usher Gets Help From LeBron James, J Balvin, And Jung Kook To Tease His Super Bowl Halftime Show In A New Video SuperNayr

Usher is currently preparing for one of the biggest performances of his storied career: the upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show. (It looks like he’s even cut sugar and alcohol from his diet to make sure his body is as ready as possible for the big day.) The Super Bowl is now just under a month away, as kickoff is set for February 11. Ahead of then, Usher has hyped up his performance with a new teaser video.

The video starts with a gospel choir singing, “Peace up, A-Town down,” before the rest of the clip is soundtracked by Usher, Ludacris, and Lil Jon’s 2004 hit “Yeah!.” From there, we’re treated to various clips from throughout the years, of either Usher or other people enjoying him and/or “Yeah!.” The video ends with the tagline, “One performance. 30 years in the making.”

Pay attention and you’ll spot appearances from LeBron James, J Balvin, and Jung Kook. Usher worked with Balvin last year, teaming up with him and DJ Khaled on “Dientes.” A couple months later, he linked up with Jung Kook for a “Standing Next To You” remix. LeBron, meanwhile, was pumped last year when he heard that Usher had landed the coveted halftime gig.

Check out the video above.

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