Tom Brady Rides the Waves While Jet Boarding in Miami Beach! SuperNayr

Tom Brady is finding new ways to show off his athleticism after retiring from the NFL.

On Saturday (November 18), the 46-year-old football player was spotted jet boarding around Miami Beach, Florida! If you were unaware, a jet board is basically an electric surfboard.

Tom was dressed for an afternoon of physical activity, wearing a long-sleeved black wetsuit that was cut to right above his knees.

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He rode along the water with ease and appeared to be having an excellent time.

If you haven’t been keeping up, we’ve heard a lot about Tom‘s love life recently. Despite reports that he and Irina Shayk had broken up, the model was spotted visiting the athlete’s condo building earlier this month.

There was also a report that Tom had enjoyed a flirty moment with Kim Kardashian at an event.

On the topic of his history in the NFL, there was some very exciting news!

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