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Netflix has released the first trailer for Tires, a new comedy series starring and co-created by Shane Gillis.

The first trailer for Tires previews a new comedy series set in an auto repair chain that stars Gillis, Steven Gerben, and more. Tires, which is based on a YouTube pilot of the same name that Gillis created, will premiere on the streaming platform later this month.

Check out the Tires trailer below (watch more trailers and clips):

What is Tires about?

Will (Steven Gerben), the nervous and unqualified heir to an auto repair chain, attempts to turn his father’s business around despite constant torture from his cousin and now employee, Shane (Shane Gillis),” the official synopsis reads.

Gillis is best known as a stand-up comedian who was hired as a Saturday Night Live cast member in September 2019, only to then be fired from the show for controversial jokes four days later.

Gillis is also known for the sketch comedy series Gilly and Keeves, which co-starred John McKeever, and for playing Gilly in 2023’s Bupkis alongside Pete Davidson, Edie Falco, and Joe Pesci. Additionally, Gillis previously made a Netflix comedy special, Shane Gillis: Beautiful Dogs, which was released on the streaming platform in 2023.

Tires is co-created by Gillis, McKeever, and Gergen. The three of them also executive produce the Netflix series alongside Brandon James for Rough House, Brandon Stern and Kenneth Slotnick for AGI Entertainment Media & Management, and Becky Astphan.

The series additionally stars Chris O’Connor, Kilah Fox, Stavros Halkias, and Andrew Schulz.

All six episodes of Tires will be released on Netflix on May 23, 2024.

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