Tierra Whack’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert Featured A Homely Surprise Cameo From Phillie Phanatic SuperNayr

Tierra Whack’s personality and creative world is too vast to be contained. However, yesterday (June 7) the “Two Night” rapper managed to squeeze it all in during her NPR Tiny Desk Concert performance.

To commemorate Black Music Month, Tierra served up her eclectic discography for all to enjoy with a special slice of her hometown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania via a cameo from the beloved mascot, Phillie Phanatic.

If you thought only tracks from her latest album, World Wide Whack, made the setlist, you’re wrong.

Tierra and her newly formed band, The Big Backs (comprised of bassist Ali Bervine, keyboardist
Charles Jackson & Mary Floyd, guitarist Russell Gelman-Sheehan, percussionist Sheldon Robinson, drummer Mark Thomas, and vocalist Michelle Hunt), opened with 2018’s “Flea Market.” Then transitioned to melody of “Pretty Ugly,” “Hungry Hippo,” “Mood Swing,” “Accessible,”
“Ms Behave,” and “Imaginary Friends.”

Before performing “Moovies,” Tierra invited Phillie Phanatic to share the desk with her. Although the character is mute, Tierra went on to explain why their appearance was necessary to her. “Y’all know I gotta keep it Philly,” she said. “I bleed green. I bleed red. Anything Philly is all me. I had to bring a piece of home with me.”

Tierra closed the set with a vibrant performance of “27 Club” and “Shower Song.” Watch the full performance below.

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