Ti West Could Bring a Fourth X Film into the Mix While MAXXXINE Gets Ready to Open This Summer SuperNayr

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Ti West Has a Potential Fourth X Film Up His Sleeve

As MaXXXine gets set to open this July, director Ti West has hinted at a potential fourth X film project which could also be in the works.

If a fourth X film comes into fruition, director Ti West promises it would be something much different than what would probably be expected by fans of the franchise. Leave the brilliance of the X series to Ti West who never ceases to amaze. The third X movie, MaXXXine, is coming to theaters on July 5th and looks to be the most financially successful of all the X films with its positioned holiday weekend release date. After that, though, there may still be another project for the franchise on the horizon from West.

Everyone will know the name of Maxine Minx (Mia Goth), according to a scene in the trailer of MaXXXine which looks absolutely intriguing with its serial killer side story and flashy visuals. Taking place in L.A. in 1985, the film serves as part two to 2022’s X even though it’s technically the third picture in the series. Pearl also came out in 2022 but was a prequel to the events that occurred in X. Mia Goth was absolutely astonishing in Pearl in terms of her showy performance although most agree X was the better film, overall. As stated, MaXXXine has a subplot showcasing a prolific serial killer who is at large which looks to be one of its most interesting aspects.

West stated in a recent interview that he had an idea that “plays into” this set of movies but he is unsure if it will be the project that West follows up MaXXXine with. West has hinted that a fourth movie would be different and exist in a potentially different world than that that was seen in the other films but would still “play into” the pictures in some way, shape or form. West has suggested that whatever he has in store for audiences, it is probably not what fans will be expecting it to be.

While West promises that MaXXXine will have some twists in its storyline, he claims it will “zig instead of zag” making potential viewers extremely curious in what the film will do with its characters. The identity of the serial killer will be a big shocker, if the trailer delivers on the promise of that plot thread.

Zola, a high-profile sexy film, premiered on July 4th weekend in 2021 from the same studio as West’s trilogy, A24, but that 2021 film disappointed a bit at the box-office due to the fact that the pandemic was still in effect. MaXXXine should do much better at the box-office than not only Zola but also X and Pearl as well. X made $11 million domestically, Pearl made $9 million domestically and the unrelated Zola made $4 million domestically. I venture MaXXXine will wrap up its box-office run with a combination of all those film’s grosses, and am pegging it to finish around $24 million domestically. With those numbers, West may well bring his fourth film into reality in the not-too-distant future.

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