The worlds tiniest violin keeps on playing as Netflix announces another 4 incoming DC movies, and still no sign of the Snyder Cut SuperNayr

The reaction to Netflix adding the majority of the DCEU back catalogue was muted to say the least, and of course it had everything to do with Zack Snyder’s Justice League, or lack thereof.

While there is a version of the dying franchise’s all-star crossover coming to the streaming service next month, it unfortunately happens to be the abominable theatrical cut butchered beyond recognition by Joss Whedon. You don’t have to support the SnyderVerse to know that movie sucks, but that wasn’t why a certain subset was getting so angry.

justice league
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By adding eight DCEU blockbusters to the catalogue but not the one that its dedicated campaigners hoped would usher in a resurrection spearheaded by Netflix, there was much to be found in the way of wide-ranging butthurt, and that’s only deepened now that another four comic book adaptations have been confirmed to be heading to the platform in the near future.

Shazam!, The Batman, DC League of Super-Pets, and Black Adam have now been revealed as joining the aforementioned octet, but not even a double dose of Dwayne Johnson’s failed attempts to carve himself out a corner of the universe has been enough to quell the fury that the Snyder Cut is still absent.

Of course, the four-hour epic’s status as a Max original might complicate matters, but it’s yet another blow for anyone who’d convinced themselves Netflix would ride to the rescue and deliver salvation. Then again, if it does end up migrating over, then the cycle will inevitably begin anew.

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