THE MOTHERSHIP: Halle Berry’s Extraterrestrial Movie Shelved Due to Problematic Nature of the Production SuperNayr

Halle Berry And Co The Mothership

The Mothership Not Moving Forward with Re-shoots

Halle Berry‘s science fiction extravaganza, The Mothership, which was made for Netflix, is not going to be officially completed and released as originally planned.

Writer of Bridge of Spies, Matt Charman’s film, The Mothership, is no longer going to be released on Netflix’s streaming platform as was previously intended. The reasoning behind this change-up is the cost of necessary re-shoots and the fact that the movie was buoyed by bad timing and was worked on some time between the pandemic and Hollywood strikes.

In The Mothership, Oscar winner Halle Berry (Monster’s Ball) played a mom and wife whose farmer husband strangely disappeared, presumably in some kind of extraterrestrial object. Berry’s character and her kids embarked on a mission to discover his real whereabouts in the picture. Unfortunately, viewers will never get to see the film and learn what happened to the husband/father.

Though the movie once showed a glimmer of potential for Netflix, it now feels like the film has passed its prime. It no longer feels like a film that has to get wrapped up and unleashed to the world, for whatever reason. Two years have passed since the picture was put together. Netflix seems to blame the cost associated with re-shooting scenes which were filmed years ago as the primary reason the project is not moving ahead into further production stages.

On paper, The Mothership sounded like a solid prospect for Netflix but real-life woes got in the way. First, the pandemic came about and, then, Hollywood strikes arose making Halle Berrys’ movie the victim of bad luck more than anything else. It’s certainly not the Oscar winner’s fault for the elimination of the film from the slate over at Netflix as Berry proved in 2021’s Netflix movie, Bruised, she can still act better than ever in a dramatic part. In fact, she won much acclaim for that performance and could have gotten award nominations if not for the overwhelming number of great 2021 female lead performances.

Netflix has cancelled films in the past. We all know that. But, this time out, it was clearly financial decisions more than anything else that led to the elimination of The Mothership from the production schedule. Whereas Warner Bros. took a lot of heat for cancelling Batgirl, this time out, it wasn’t due to the quality of the project. Rather, it was due to the fact that The Mothership wasn’t adequately completed as was hoped for. More money would have had to be pumped into the production and Netflix wasn’t ready to do that at this particular time. Hopefully, Halle Berry will move forward with her career and find a project to replace this one where she can strut her tremendous acting talents.

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