The Lindsay Lohan vs. Rachel McAdams streaming catfight uncovers the ultimate queen bee of Netflix SuperNayr

Whether it’s the blood-splattered battle between Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees or the ever-present NBA debate between LeBron James and Michael Jordan, the battle of a particular supremacy is consistently active in entertainment media — especially the current Netflix showdown between Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams.

And while these two individual actresses won’t soon be engaging in a bloody rivalry or handling their business on a basketball court, it’s become evident that their respective movies have been put on the table together and thoroughly studied and compared. The movies in question, of course, would be Lohan’s romantic comedy Irish Wish and McAdams’ thriller Red Eye — both of which are soaring up the ranks on Netflix.

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On one hand, Lohan’s romantic comedy is still fresh, having just released on the streaming platform on March 15, while the McAdams vehicle experienced a theatrical release all the way back in 2005, grossing over $95 million at the box office. Despite being made nearly two decades ago, the action-packed thriller has found a new life on streaming over the last several days.

As per FlixPatrol, both Irish Wish and Red Eye have landed in the Netflix Top 10, all while being streamed in a variety of countries — including France, Germany, and Greece. As successful as both flicks have been on Netflix, it’s clear that Irish Wish is winning the competitive battle, with the romantic comedy currently resting at number one on the Top 10. 

So while Lohan might have won this battle, only time will tell who will ultimately win the war. Either way, we’re fans of both actresses’ work.

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