The Golden Bachelor's Gerry Turner & Wife Theresa Nist Are Living Separately, Reasons Why Explained in New Report SuperNayr

Is there trouble in paradise for The Golden Bachelor‘s Gerry Turner and his wife Theresa Nist? A new report says everything is fine, and there’s some reasonable explanations, too!

TMZ published a report suggesting that the 72-year-old Golden Bachelor and the 70-year-old winner of his season are living separately, despite getting married back in January.

Now, the site is also explaining why.

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The pair are currently doing a long-distance relationship as Gerry currently lives at his lake house in Indiana while Theresa lives in New Jersey, where she still works as a compliance officer.

According to TMZ, one of the reasons they haven’t made the move is that it’s a “complete and total hassle” and “they’ve each got their own established homes in their respective states, and moving everything into one pad would be time-consuming.”

They are both also very established and close to families and “moving away from either would be difficult for them.” Theresa is also reportedly still unsure what she wants to do about her job.

According to the report, they are still undecided about where to officially settle down. Charleston, South Carolina is an option, as Theresa‘s son and grandchild are in the area.

Don’t worry, though. The report makes it clear they are “still madly in love and want to make the marriage work.” They also apparently are making visits a top priority and have seen each other numerous times since they wed.

If you didn’t see, make sure to read Gerry‘s response to the allegations made against him as his season was airing.

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