The 'Golden Bachelor' & His New Wife Still Don't Live Together! SuperNayr

Is this just another chapter in the ongoing saga of the Iron Pyrite Bachelor??

Gerry Turner really sold those tears during his televised wedding on The Golden Bachelor. But then again, he spent the whole season selling an image of himself as a bereaved widower struggling to get out there again. Were his new vows just as dubious?

That’s what we’re wondering after multiple media outlets reported this week that he and new bride Theresa Nist are NOT living together. A source told TMZ Gerry is still living in that same lake house in Indiana — you know, the one where he dated lots of other women? Oh, and allegedly had a live-in girlfriend for years before dumping her largely over her weight gain?? The thing is, Theresa didn’t move in with him — she’s still living in New Jersey!

It’s April now. They got married in January. And they’re still living three states away? What are they waiting for?? We hate to use an adage as cliché as saying they aren’t getting any younger, but Gerry is 72! It applies!

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Well, a source told Us Weekly they don’t have any plans to change that any time soon either! The insider says they’re just working on the long-distance thing instead. Theresa is going to stay at her job as a senior compliance officer for a financial advisor. It’s obviously just work she’s too passionate about to leave, no further questions, but…

Is there also maybe the tiniest, most remote possibility… their whole relationship and now marriage is a sham??

Look, we’re the first to want to believe in love AND reality TV, but look at the track record from Gerry here! His whole backstory seemed to have been exposed as just a role he was playing on TV. Folks who knew him before the show said he wasn’t still in his grieving widower stage, he was a septuagenarian skirt-chaser! His half-confession response wasn’t too convincing either. So if that was all fake, could the marriage be BS, too?

If not, why aren’t they together? And what happened to the pair moving to South Carolina like they told People in their big wedding profile special? Sorry, but we’re smelling something fishy here.

What do YOU think, Perezcious nation? Are y’all buying this tentative, long-distance trial period marriage business from two 70+ newlyweds? Let us know in the comments!

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