The first trailer for Outer Range season two makes time feel even more broken SuperNayr

The mysterious hole at the center of Amazon’s Outer Range was something to fear when the sci-fi / western drama first debuted. But the show’s new season two trailer makes it seem like the gaping chasm might wind up answering all of the Abbott family’s prayers.

Outer Range’s first season came to a close with Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin) gaining an even deeper understanding of what the bottomless pit on his farm is and realizing how — terrifying as the thing may be — it could actually help him reunite his fractured family. It was because of the hole that Royal was able to piece together who Autumn (Imogen Poots) truly is, and Outer Range’s new trailer suggests that season two will see the duo’s relationship change as the Abbotts begin searching in earnest for Amy (Olive Abercrombie), who disappeared in the last season finale. 

The trailer makes it hard to tell whether people other than Royal and Autumn have any idea what happened to Amy or where (or when) exactly the young girl might have gone. But from the way Celia (Lili Taylor) is willing to hear them out about their theory that the hole is a kind of portal through time and space, it feels like Outer Range’s second season is going to lean even heavier into its intriguing sci-fi elements when it premieres on May 16th.

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