The Danish ENGAGE Festival Asks Defense Sponsors To Withdraw In Light of Controversy SuperNayr

COPENHAGEN (CelebrityAccess) – The ENGAGE Festival, organized by the Veteranfonden and scheduled to occur at Kastellet in Copenhagen on June 7 and 8, will support Danish veterans who have participated in challenging missions.

“We eagerly anticipate hosting everyone at the ENGAGE Festival at Kastellet on June 7 and 8. These two days will be brimming with marvelous music and memorable experiences. While we take pride in the ENGAGE Festival, we understand that opinions regarding our background as Danish Armed Forces veterans vary, “a festival spokesperson expressed.

The Veteranfonden emphasized that the festival and the foundation were established to assist Danish individuals who have undertaken perilous missions, risking life and limb. They clarified that veterans do not influence Denmark’s involvement in international tasks.

Despite their commendable intentions, the organizers have encountered criticism and misunderstandings. Some individuals have erroneously linked the veterans with ongoing international conflicts, leading to questions about the festival’s objectives and the artists’ participation due to its connections with the defense industry.

“Regrettably, some individuals cannot differentiate between Danish veterans and present international conflicts. The Veteranfonden does not endorse war and will never take a stance on international conflicts that contradicts the Danish government’s position. We refrain from collaborating with organizations or companies that oppose this stance,” added the spokesperson.

In response to these concerns, the festival has requested that its defense industry partners withdraw as sponsors. This decision was made to maintain focus on the primary mission of supporting veterans without controversy overshadowing the event. The companies agreed to step back, acknowledging the importance of not detracting from the festival’s charitable cause.

“We perceive it as unjust and misunderstood, but we acknowledge that it unfortunately distracts from our primary objective. As veterans ourselves, the last thing we desire is to undermine the cause. We hope to now concentrate on what we excel at – delivering an outstanding festival experience for the audience at Kastellet,” concluded the spokesperson.

You can read the statement from Veteranfondens in its entirety HERE.

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