The Biggest Show Of The Summer Is… ‘Suits’? SuperNayr

Forget the song of the summer (which is “Hero” by Chad Kroeger ft. Josey Scott from the Spider-Man soundtrack for the 21st year in a row). The show of the summer is Suits. Nielsen reports that the USA Network series, which recently made its Netflix streaming debut (it’s also on Peacock), set a record for “streaming’s most viewed acquired title for a single week ever” with 3.14 billion minutes viewed for the week of June 26-July 2, 2023.

The previous record was 2.49 billion minutes for Manifest.

Nielsen also predicts that several more weeks of success are on the horizon for Suits, since 75 percent of the viewing total during this week was generated by only the first three seasons of the series. There are nine seasons total of the legal dramedy.

Suits, as you might have heard, starred Meghan Markle, who every British person either hates or loves, depending on who you talk to. Her husband, Prince Harry, was probably not part of the 3.14 billion minutes (it’s mostly Piers). In his memoir, Spare, he wrote that he made “the mistake of Googling and watching some of her love scenes online” when he began dating Markle. “I’d witnessed her and a castmate mauling each other in some sort of office or conference room. I didn’t need to see such things live.”

Suitscore is the new Barbiecore.

(Via Deadline)

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