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The Bachelor Finale Teaser

Will tonight’s The Bachelor finale end in heartbreak or happiness for Joey Graziadei?

The reality series’s 28th season has seen tennis coach Graziadei whittle down 32 contestants to two finalists: Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson.

In the trailer for the final episode, viewers see Graziadei standing in tears while a car drives away in Tulum, Mexico, where the engagement is supposed to happen.

“I didn’t expect that at all,” a distraught-looking Graziadei tells producers. “I can’t think that’s happened before.”

The Bachelor finale will air in its regular Monday night slot at 8pm ET/PT on ABC. You can find more details on how to watch here.

The latest season has seen theatrical exits, vicious feuds, injuries and no shortage of heartbreak.

In a blog post last month, popular TV blogger Reality Steve shared a “spoiler” for whom he believed to be this season’s winner.

Filming took place last Autumn and the result has been kept tightly under wraps ever since. Follow along with us live as the winner is finally revealed.


Fans spot Golden Bachelor Gerry crying in the audience

It’s all too much for Gerry! The first Golden Bachelor was known for being in tune with his emotional side.

Tom Murray26 March 2024 01:00


Jesse throws major curveball

“How is Joey going to choose between Daisy and Kelsey? Maybe… he won’t,” says Palmer.

What??? If it’s not the most dramatic finale in Bachelor history, it’s definitely the most cryptic.

(Disney/John Fleenor)

Tom Murray26 March 2024 00:47


GMA confirms that the Bachelorette will be announced tonight

In their ad for tomorrow’s show, Good Morning America just confirmed that the next Bachelorette will be confirmed tonight! Will it be Maria as fans hope…

Tom Murray26 March 2024 00:41


Fans demand Maria for the next Bachelorette

Fans are desperate for The Bachelor favourite Maria to be announced as the next Bachelorette during tonight’s episode. The star of the female-fronted version of the show is often announced during the live finale of The Bachelor.

Tom Murray26 March 2024 00:21


The tears have already started

WHAT is going to happen??? Why is Joey in tears!? Will Bachelor Nation ever recover if Joey is left broken-hearted?

Host Jesse Palmer teases that what happens with the Bachelor has “never happened before”.

Tom Murray26 March 2024 00:03


The final is about to begin…

We’re just minutes away from the final, folks. Who are you rooting for? Thanks for joining The Independent as we watch along and bring you all the highlights and biggest reactions to the grand finale.

Tom Murray25 March 2024 23:56


Bachelor fans accuse producers of ‘sabotaging’ Rachel

During the fantasy suites episode, fans accused the show’s producers of “sabotaging” Rachel’s chances with Joey by sending her on a “dangerous” date that landed her in hospital.

Joey and Rachel went to a cenote where the two jumped off elevated wooden platforms into a deep body of groundwater.

Rachel landed on her face and had to go to hospital to assess her injuries. Later that night, Rachel told Joey: “I’m still upset about today, I think I still feel bad that I ruined the day because you had the whole day planned, and I was waiting all week for it.”

“Rachel, girl, you didn’t ruin the date,” a fan tweeted, adding: “The Producers put you in a dangerous position and you got hurt during something dangerous. No apologies.”

Tom Murray25 March 2024 23:03


How long is The Bachelor finale tonight?

The Bachelor finale will be a bumper three-hour instalment as it includes an “After the Final Rose” special during which the next Bachelorette could be revealed.

Tom Murray25 March 2024 21:55


Who has Joey sent home so far?

See all the women who left broken-hearted here:

Tom Murray25 March 2024 21:24


The Bachelor star reveals she was hospitalised during filming

Ex-contestant Lexi has revealed that she was sent to hospital while shooting to treat an ovarian cyst that had burst.

The 30-year-old digital strategist from Atlanta, Georgia, opened up to Joey during the show about living with endometriosis – a disease in which uterine tissue grows outside of the uterus. It often causes severe pelvic pain and can make it more difficult to get pregnant.

“I actually ended up going to the UCLA hospital while I was on the show,” Lexi recently told People.

“I had an ovarian cyst burst because I froze my eggs two weeks before going on the show. And so my ovaries were so enlarged from all the hormones that they hadn’t come back down yet.”

Tom Murray25 March 2024 20:55

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