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Watching Shōgun is like embarking on a journey through historical drama and cultural exploration. And it’s quite the thrilling experience.

Inspired by the James Clavell 1975 novel of the same name, the miniseries is set in 1600s feudal Japan and seamlessly blends elements of political thriller, a gripping samurai adventure, and of course, brutality, honor, and sacrifice. Now, if you just ventured into shows with themes like this and are looking for more, I’ve got you. There’s quite a number of shows like Shōgun, but here are 10 with a similar allure of historical authenticity and captivating storytelling.

The Rise of Phoenixes

The Rise of the Phoenixes is a gripping Chinese historical drama that unfolds against a backdrop of political intrigue, betrayal, and romance. The series follows Ning Yi, a brilliant and enigmatic prince, as he navigates the perilous court of Tiansheng. Faced with conspiracies and power struggles, Ning Yi must outwit his adversaries to secure his position while grappling with love, honor, and loyalty. Set in a visually stunning period setting much like Shōgun, the series weaves a tale of ambition, resilience, and the enduring pursuit of justice, making it a must-watch for fans of historical epics.

Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan

This captivating documentary series thrusts viewers into the tumultuous world of feudal Japan during the 16th century. Age of Samurai chronicles the rise and fall of legendary warlords as they navigate political intrigue, deadly conflicts, and the elaborate codes of honor that defined that era. Narrated by historical experts, the six-episode series uses dramatic reenactments to breathe life into the stories of those who shaped the destiny of a nation during a time marked by samurai warfare and profound social transformation. 


Set in the Viking Age, the aptly titled Vikings follows the legendary Viking chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok as he rises to power and explores new lands. He confronts both internal conflicts within his community and external threats that come with entering new lands. Vikings is fueled by exploration, raids, and ambition, as the series takes a deeper look at the Viking society, their familial bonds, and the clash between tradition and innovation. Ragnar’s journey is full of battles, alliances, and personal sacrifices, and like Shōgun, marked by adventure, sacrifices, and loss.


Hideyoshi is a riveting historical drama series set in feudal Japan, and inspired by the life of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a legendary samurai and statesman. The 1996 drama series follows Hideyoshi’s meteoric rise from humble roots to becoming one of Japan’s most influential figures during the Sengoku period.  

Rise of Empires: Ottoman

Spanning from the reign of Sultan Mehmed II to the conquest of Constantinople, this riveting docuseries explores the pivotal moments and key figures that shaped the Ottoman Empire. Rise of Empires chronicles its epic ascent through a blend of thrilling reenactments, and expert commentary. The series immerses viewers in the intrigues, triumphs, and challenges faced by the Ottomans as they forged an enduring legacy.


Known for its portrayal of ancient Rome, Spartacus follows the legendary journey of a Thracian gladiator named Spartacus. After being unjustly condemned to slavery, Spartacus rises to become a formidable gladiator in the ludus of Batiatus. Fueled by a desire for freedom and revenge, he leads a slave uprising against the Roman Republic, challenging the oppressive forces of the time. Similar to Shōgun, the series intricately weaves themes of loyalty, betrayal, and the indomitable spirit of resistance. 


Knightfall follows the tale of the Knights Templar, a medieval military order charged with protecting sacred relics and defending the Holy Land. Set in the turbulent era of the Crusades, the series unfolds with religious conflict, political schemes, and personal struggles. Focused on the valiant Templar knight Landry du Lauzon, the audience witnesses a relentless quest for the Holy Grail, interwoven with betrayal, loyalty, and the pursuit of justice.  

The Last Kingdom

Set against the backdrop of 9th-century England, The Last Kingdom follows the compelling journey of Uhtred of Bebbanburg, a Saxon nobleman raised by Vikings. The series narrates Uhtred’s quest for identity and justice amidst the chaos of Viking invasions and the struggle for unification. As alliances shift and betrayals unfold, Uhtred grapples with his loyalties in a world torn between rival kingdoms and cultures.  

Blue Eye Samurai

Despite being an animation, Blue Eye Samurai is for mature audiences, and has earned its place on this list for its thrilling storyline. Set in 17th-century Edo-period Japan, the series follows the half-white, half-Japanese Mizu, a skilled sword master. While traveling in disguise, Mizu embarks on a quest seeking to deliver revenge. Her target: four white men, including her father, who defied the Tokugawa Shōgunate’s closure of Japan’s borders and now face the consequences of their illegal actions. Blue Eye Samurai and Shōgun encapsulate a lost time, blended with tales of revenge, justice, politics, and bloodshed. 

House of Ninjas

Moving on to more modern times, House of Ninjas is set in modern-day Japan and follows the Tawaras, the last shinobi clan. Six years prior, tragedy struck as the eldest son lost his life in a mission to rescue a kidnapped politician, leading the Tawaras to abandon their ninja roots. Now, as a new crisis emerges, the shadows of their past beckons and compels the family to embrace the covert world they sought to leave behind.  

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