Taylor Swift Mocked By Ravens, But Chiefs Get Last Laugh With Win — & She Gets Postgame Kiss From Travis Kelce! SuperNayr

Taylor Swift is going to the Super Bowl! …We think!

We know the Kansas City Chiefs are going, at least! Just a few minutes ago, the Chiefs officially won their game against the Baltimore Ravens on the road in Baltimore by the score of 17-10. And by doing so, and claiming the AFC Championship crown, the Chiefs just punched their ticket to the Super Bowl two weeks from today!!

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It didn’t come without some drama. The Chiefs got out to an early lead in the first quarter of the matchup, only for the Ravens to tie things up late in the first quarter with a touchdown of their own. We didn’t know it at the time, but that would be the ONLY touchdown the Ravens would score on this day. But when it happened, it looked bad for Travis Kelce and the Chiefs! And things got even worse when — immediately after the score — Ravens players got together in the end zone and very openly mocked and trolled Taylor and the Chiefs’ “swag surfing” phenomenon:


Like we said, though, the Chiefs got the last laugh by winning the whole thing! And then in the postgame, Taylor and Travis locked lips down on the field in celebration! Yes, really! The moment was SO cute!!! Ch-ch-check it all out for yourself from multiple angles (below):


And now the question is… will Taylor even be at the Super Bowl?! We want to say yes, and we obviously really hope to say yes, but here’s the thing: we don’t know! The Super Bowl is in two weekends, and as TMZ noted on Sunday afternoon, that’s the same weekend where Taylor has FOUR shows scheduled on four straight nights in Japan. She’s set to play Tokyo on February 7, 8, 9, and 10 — and the big game is set to kick off in the late afternoon on February 11.

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Based on show times and time differences, Taylor would have about 36 hours to get from her final Tokyo show and hightail it back to Vegas to make the matchup. It’s obviously possible, especially considering the fact that Taylor has her own private jet and uses it often to do stuff just like this. But it’s not a done deal! Remember, earlier this season, Taylor missed several of Travis’ games when she was doing other Eras Tour shows down in South America.

Granted, those were just regular season games, and not the Super Bowl. This next one is the biggest football game of the year by FAR. So, something tells us TayTay will be in Sin City for that one. But it ain’t for certain yet! For now, though, we bet she’s just rushing out to her huge party for Travis and the gang now that they’ve won the big game in Baltimore! Congrats to the Chiefs… and to Taylor!!

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