SZA Slams People Leaking Her Songs Ahead Of The Singer’s ‘Lana’ Deluxe Album Release SuperNayr

SZA’s year is off to a rough start. Instead of enjoying the lingering effects of her record-breaking accomplishments last year, the “Snooze” singer has been forced to combat leakers.

“Leaking my music is stealing,” wrote SZA. “This is my job. This is my life and my intellectual property. You are a f*cking thief, and I promise to put maximum energy into holding everyone accountable to the full extent of the law. I am tired.”

Unfortunately, SZA is no stranger to having her unreleased work illegally shared with the public. During a sit-down with Variety in November, she discussed the devastating effects of leaking an artist’s music.

“When people leak my songs, they ruin them,” she said. “Then it’s not mine anymore; it’s actually yours. It’s something unfinished that you decided was ready to be shared. And it’s like, ‘F*ck you. Now I’m not releasing it.’ Play your leak, but you’re not gonna bully me into dropping music. I’m now embarrassed by this less-than-correct version that you put out. You’ve sent me into a weird space creatively when you could have just waited for me, but you’re selfish.”

SZA has officially had enough, and her post on X was her way of putting those individuals on notice.

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