Sydney Sweeney Admits She Wasn’t ‘Proud or Super Excited’ About All of Her Past Roles SuperNayr

Sydney Sweeney starred in some of the most popular TV shows of the past half-decade before taking on lead roles in films like “Immaculate,” but she’s not denying that she likes some of her projects more than others. In a recent interview with Who What Wear, Sweeney admitted that she wasn’t always thrilled with the roles she has played throughout her career.

“As an actor, you audition for everything, and you just cross your fingers and hope and work hard to get in the room,” Sweeney said. “Was I proud of all of them [or] super excited about all the characters? No. Did I wish I could make changes and be more a part of the process and be more assertive? Yes. But I was in no position to be able to do so.”

Sweeney went on to explain that her decision to begin producing her own projects through the production company Fifty-Fifty Films was partially driven by her desire to create more interesting roles and better work environments for herself.

“I’ve been really lucky [that] most of the recent projects that I’ve been in in the last five or six years [were] with filmmakers who were collaborative,” she said. “It’s a really amazing place to be.”

Sweeney’s candor is unsurprising, as the actress has always been willing to share her honest thoughts about her less successful films. She recently hosted “Saturday Night Live,” where she used her monologue as an opportunity to poke fun at the box office flop “Madame Web.”

“You might have seen me in ‘Anyone But You’ or ‘Euphoria,’” Sweeney said. “You definitely did not see me in ‘Madame Web.’”

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