Whitney Port Promises To Put Her Health First After Fans Voice Concerns About Her Weight

Whitney Port is opening up about fans’ concerns about her weight.

The 38-year-old The Hills alum headed to her Instagram Story to address all the comments she has been receiving about her weight, including some from her own husband, Tim Rosenman.

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“I also want to address my weight real quick,” she started out her message. “I’ve gotten a lot of comments about looking too thin. At first it didn’t bother me. I chalked it up to people not knowing what my diet looks like.”

However, Whitney admits that after Tim brought her weight into a conversation, she took another look at what was happening.

“He has been worried about me,” she said, adding that she doesn’t really stop to think what she’s actually putting in her body. “It’s not something I’ve been consciously thinking about!”

Whitney continued, “I eat to live, not the other way around, but after stepping on the scale, it hit me. It’s not something I strive for. I always feel hungry but I just don’t know what to eat.”

“It’s not how I want to look or feel though. My excuses are that I’m too lazy to make feeding myself a priority or I’m too picky when it comes to taste and quality,” she shared.

Now though, Whitney is recommitting herself to healthy eating habits: “I don’t want to set an unhealthy example. So I promised Timmy and I’ll promise you that my health will always be a priority.”

Over the past few years, Whitney has been open about her fertility journey as she and Tim want to expand their family.

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