What happened to Vail from ‘Vanderpump Rules?’

Actress Vail Bloom once spent a season waiting tables at Lisa Vanderpump‘s posh Hollywood restaurant, Sur, and became a featured cast member, which at the time meant being hit on by Jax, of course, and doing her best to not get too caught up in the drama of her fellow cast members.

Only having spent one season on Vanderpump Rules, one could say she dodged a bullet when you consider all of the shenanigans, hookups, marriages, breakups, and heartache of the flagship crew. But lately, people have been wondering what ever happened to the stunning waitress who floated in, stole our hearts, and seemingly never darkened the door of Sur again.

Who is Vail Bloom?

Vail Bloom Too Late premiere
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Bloom is a 40-year-old actress and producer. Lisa Vanderpump was quite impressed to hear that Vail sports a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Princeton. Her interest in acting was piqued when a fellow student asked her to be in her short film project.

Working at Sur was actually her dad’s idea. Once he knew she was serious about acting, and not pursuing a career in architecture, he discouraged her from getting a day job, which may have conflicted with her auditioning for roles. She said about this, “This suggestion was funny coming from a dad who just put you through Princeton. It just showed how supportive he was of what I wanted to do.”

What happened to Vail?

Vail Bloom Vanderpump Rules season 3
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Since ‘Pump Rules, you may have caught Bloom in the crime drama Too Late, co-starring John Hawkes and Joanna Cassidy. The film featured five vignettes loaded with beautiful women — Teen Wolf: The Movie‘s Crystal Reed, Severance‘s Dichen Lachman, Chicago P.D.‘s Sydney Tamiia Poitier — and intrigue. The quintet of stories eventually tied together with Hawkes’ Samson being the common denominator.

Bloom’s segment — with the late Robert Forster and Lost‘s Jeff Fahey — was the best one in my opinion. She played Janet — Forster’s wife — a profoundly unhappy young waif, neglected and mistreated by her oxygen thief of a husband.

Too Late boasts “20-minute takes” and “no hidden cuts.” So each segment is one continuous take, a tough proposition when you consider all of the other things that must fall into place perfectly every single time. But this must’ve been easy for Vail, who once said about acting, “I think I do 99 percent of my scenes in one take.”

Her steady gig — pre- and post-‘Pump — is as Heather Stevens, daughter of detective Paul Williams and April Stevens on the daytime soap opera Young and the Restless – for which she scored a Daytime Emmy in 2008. She rejoined the cast this February, and is still currently playing the role.

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