Watch: Lee Sang Yeob And Kim So Hye Aim For Victory Together In “My Lovely Boxer” Teaser And Poster

“My Lovely Boxer” has unveiled a new poster and teaser!

“My Lovely Boxer” is a sports drama based on the novel “My Lovely Boxer Lee Kwon Sook” written by Choo Jong Nam, the winner of the second Kyobo Bookstore Story Contest. It is a story about genius boxer Lee Kwon Sook (Kim So Hye) and a cold-blooded agent Kim Tae Young (Lee Sang Yeob) who doesn’t feel guilty of match-fixing for money and the success of his athletes.

On July 24, “My Lovely Boxer” dropped a new main poster featuring the boxing ring and stadium along with the main characters Kim Tae Young, Lee Kwon Sook, Kim Oh Bok (Park Ji Hwan), Lee Cheol Young (Kim Hyung Mook), Han Jae Min (WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo), Jung Soo Yeon (Ha Seung Ri), and Han Ah Reum (Chae Won Bin).

The retro vibe of the poster is reminiscent of old leaflets advertising boxing matches in the past. In the poster, sports agent Kim Tae Young captivates with his confident and charismatic gaze as well as his cold smile as a character who jumps into the world of match fixing in order to save pitcher Kim Hee Won. The center of the poster highlights Lee Kwon Sook, who stands out in her red sports uniform with her taped fists up and ready for a match.

Furthermore, there is match-fixer Kim Oh Bok who adds tension with his frigid gaze as he faces off against Kim Tae Young. In the background, Lee Kwon Sook’s father and boxing mentor Lee Chul Yong appears to be howling, conveying his thirst for victory.

Han Jae Min, the vice principal of the preschool where Lee Kwon Sook works as an assistant teacher, charms with his sweet smile, while sports agent Jung Soo Yeon from About Sports impresses with her charisma. Han Ah Reum, who is the world boxing champion and idol of the boxing world, exudes great confidence and determination.

In addition to the poster, the newly released teaser creates a tense atmosphere as Lee Kwon Sook, who was hiding from the public, is hounded by reporters and flashing camera lights. Lee Kwon Sook further raises her voice angrily as Kim Tae Young suggests a dangerous retirement game. Recalling her painful past, Lee Kwon Sook resolves to never return to the ring.

Lee Kwon Sook cries out, “Do you know how I’ve lived? Do you know why I went into hiding?” However, Kim Tae Young remains calm as he reaches out, saying, “So let’s run away together. From the ring,” making an intriguing suggestion and raising anticipation for what story awaits the duo.

Check out the teaser here!

“My Lovely Boxer” will premiere on August 21 at 9:45 p.m. KST as the follow-up to “Heartbeat.”

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