Tyler Hynes Launched A Pre-Order On His Annual Santa Boot Shot Tradition

It looks like Tyler Hynes is already preparing for Christmas!

The 37-year-old actor has launched official pre-orders on his Santa Boot Shot Tradition, just to get a head start, and to avoid selling out so quickly like last year.

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Tyler announced the pre-launch on social media earlier this month, opening up orders in July to help him, his fans, and his supplier to prepare for this year’s shot tradition.

He opened up about the tradition in an interview last year, sharing that he first started the tradition with is close family and friends just a few years ago.

Tyler has also revealed that it was while he was filming Winter in Vail with Lacey Chabert that he was first introduced to the tiny boot and the power of its connection.

“While we were eating [at a German restaurant], they brought us these little glass boots. They put a German alcohol in them and explained that it’s their tradition to take the shot at the end of the meal. I thought, ‘This is amazing!’” he told HOLR.

He then proceeded to buy “everybody a little boot, so everyone who was at the dinner has one, and I brought home a few extras for family and friends.”

For this year’s boot, Tyler added a new festive flair to it, and made it red and green.

“I made it green and red because it’s different and I thought it looked beautiful,” he told fans during a Facebook Live. “I think it makes it unique and special to this year as well. There will be a little something inside that will also be unique and special to this year. If this continues to happen, maybe I’ll continue to do that.”

The box comes with five boots inside – one to keep, and the other four to give to your friends and family. It’s priced at $79.99, and will ship closer to the holidays.

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