Travis Scott Puts Fans On High Alert For The Next Piece Of His ‘Utopia’ Puzzle

Travis Scott’s Utopia rollout is the epitome of slowly, then all at once. After months and months of uncertainty, this week rewarded fans’ patience. On Friday, July 21, Scott dropped “KPop” alongside Bad Bunny and The Weeknd. Later that night, he dropped a new Utopia breadcrumb.

Someone tweeted at Scott, “I need Utopia bad @trvisXX [smiling with a tear emoji].” Scott quote-tweeted a promising response, writing, “Meet me here on Monday. We shall eat sooooonnn.”

Scott also hinted at what could be to come with an Instagram post of behind-the-scenes flicks from his “KPop” video with Bad Bunny and The Weeknd.

“K pop Outttt nowwwwww Ahhhhh doing fckkkking flipssssss Can’t wait to seeee ya in Utoppiaaaa In just some days we take the sonics uppppppppppppppppp a notchhhhhh,” he wrote in the caption.

Scott is scheduled to headline Rolling Loud Miami on Saturday, July 22. There has been confusing back-and-forth about whether Scott is still going to fully unveil his Utopia world by performing at the Pyramids Of Giza in Egypt on July 28, but despite conflicting reports, the latest official word from Live Nation, the show’s promoter, assured that “there have been no changes” to the much-hyped show.

Scott’s official website offers five different versions of Utopia for pre-order. Each one is billed as a “Topia Pack” and includes a unique custom printed mailer box and various merch items. Prices range from $50 to $150.

Watch the “KPop” video above.

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