Travis & Alabama Barker Talk Kravis Baby Names!! And They Are… Inneresting!

Travis Barker has baby names picked out! But Kourtney Kardashian may not be too crazy about his choices…

We say that because Travis’ 17-year-old daughter Alabama Barker openly revealed her dislike of the Blink-182 drummer’s name thoughts in a new video the duo did for Complex!

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On Wednesday, the outlet had Travis and Alabama film an episode of GOAT Talk. In it, they debated about the “greatest of all time” version of things like rappers, rap songs, and more. There was a ton to enjoy in the 10-minute YouTube video, but a few highlights stood out! For one, when asked to name the Kardashian-Barker clan’s “GOAT family tradition,” Travis credited his Poosh wife with Sunday dinners!

Alabama explained:

“He goes around the table and goes, ‘what’s your peak and pit?’ from his wife. That’s his thing right now.”

And Travis added:

“As of recent, making sure we’re all together once a week and having dinner is awesome.”


He also offered another “GOAT family tradition”:

“I kiss your guys’ foreheads before I go onstage. We pray when we’re on flights.”

And linked it to his “GOAT tour memory” from 2009 on Lil Wayne‘s I Am Music tour:

“Seeing you [Alabama] pray with Nicki Minaj and all her dancers was a really cool memory, and Rick Ross holding Landon every day.”

So sweet!

As for his favorite Blink-182 song, Travis side-steppe the question with this teaser for their next album:

“It doesn’t even exist yet. It’s coming out in October when our album comes out. It’s a toss up between One More Time and Childhood.”

The showman promoting the next project! LOLz! Another cute moment occurred when Travis gave a dad-like response for “GOAT gift received.” With Alabama rolling her eyes, the 47-year-old said:

“The greatest gift I ever received was my children. By far the greatest gift they ever received was myself, their father.”

Ha! Sweet and funny! But the big news was Travis’ “GOAT baby name.” With him and Kourt expecting soon, babies are on Travis’ mind. But his name choices are… inneresting?!

As Alabama looked on in horror, Travis revealed he wants to name his child Rocky Thirteen. The name Rocky is from Rocky George, the guitarist for Suicidal Tendencies. But Thirteen?!

Ch-ch-check out that name choice and Alabama’s reaction in the video (below):


Thoughts, y’all??

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