‘This is 100% why I don’t exercise’: Woman ends up locked in Orange Theory after her very first class

You know when you already didn’t really want to work out and then you get trapped in your fitness studio? No? Well, the woman in this viral TikTok knows that situation a little too well. Leena Sherif went to take her first fitness class at Orange Theory, and when she finished showering after the class, she emerged to find everyone gone and all of the doors locked.

Leena’s video received over a million viewers watching their worst nightmare come to life. She even shared that this particular fitness studio was in a mall, so all she could do was watch passersby shop away while she waited for someone to save her.

She updated her audience 20 minutes later to let them know that she was, in fact, still trapped. Although much of the audience agreed that she was keeping it much more calm, cool, and collected than they would have.

Commenters were begging for updates and encouraging her to ask for free classes in exchange for her difficulties. Leena followed up several times, letting her audience know how and when she finally got out.

She shared that she called a number posted in their office and was able to get connected with an employee who came and set her free. The managers were apparently very apologetic and offered her free classes as compensation.

Her final installment in the Orange Theory Saga let her audience know that she got out and was given a free year of Orange Theory classes out of the mishap.

Let this unfortunate workout class catastrophe be a word of warning to anyone that wants to start reaching their fitness goals: maybe work out from home this time.

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