‘The View’ Hosts Laugh at Trump’s Possible 3rd Indictment: ‘It’s Almost Like a Weekly TV Show’ (Video)

Twice-indicted former President Donald Trump informed the public on Tuesday morning that he’s likely facing a third indictment, after receiving a new target letter over the weekend. Naturally, the hosts of “The View” were thoroughly amused by that, joking that at this point it’s basically regularly scheduled programming.

Though it’s not known exactly what charges Trump would be facing this time around, he did note in his Truth Social announcement that the target letter specifically identified him for Special Counsel Jack Smith’s ongoing investigation into Jan. 6.

“It’s almost like a weekly TV show,” Whoopi Goldberg joked to kick off the discussion on Tuesday. Joy Behar titled that fake show “Indictment du jour,” prompting Whoopi to echo, “Indicted du jour.”

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For Behar, the funnier part of Trump’s angry screed about the target letter was the emphasis he put on the fact that he received the letter tipping off the “indictment du jour” on a Sunday night.

“He was so upset that it was Sunday night, while he’s home reading his upside down Bible,” she mocked. “They’re busy bothering him on a Sunday night. How dare they? He’s so religious. He’s so — Oh, it’s pathetic.”

Meanwhile, host Alyssa Farah Griffin cast doubt on how soon Trump might actually stand trial for any of his indictments. But she did offer a blunt message for Trump’s supporters.

“This puts front and center the worst day of his presidency, something that was one of the most tragic things that happened in recent memory, and was an attack on our democracy,” she said. “And he’s kind of workshopping these lines of like, ‘I was indicted for you.’ He was not indicted for you.”

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She continued, “He was indicted because he refused to accept — or he’s likely gonna be indicted –because he refused to accept he lost the election. And now what he’s doing is 10% of all his campaign donations, go to his legal bill. It’s all a grift.”

You can watch the full segment from “The View” in the video above.

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